Dead Serious

From Richmond, Virginia comes DEAD SERIOUS. Fed up with the easy formulated approach that many hardcore bands take in an attempt to get over in the scene, they have sought to make themselves anything but the typical hardcore band. With a variety of influences ranging from Turning Point, Side By Side, Slapshot, S.O.D, Johnny Cash, Good Riddance, and the Sex Pistols, each member brings both a different approach and viewpoint to the songwriting process. A band who asks for no more than they deserve and works hard for that, DEAD SERIOUS has attempted to get back to the idea that the only way to get "over" in the scene is through hard work and determination.

After recording a demo in December of 1999, they headed back into the studio in June of 2000, to record a full length for Team Jaybird Records. The LP was received warmly, but only received limited distribution. Not long after the LP came out, they went back into the studio to record a five song demo, which had no specific destination except to show people how far the band had come in just a year and a half. The songs that were on this demo are currently being re-mixed and re-mastered (by Erik Rutan of MORBID ANGEL!!), and will be coming out on a split with California posi-kings, and label mates, Diehard Youth. DEAD SERIOUS will be back into the studio yet again in December 2001 to record their first full length for THORP, which is poised for a summer release with some extensive touring to follow.