My Revenge

My Revenge formed in the Spring of 2001 in Burlington, Vermont. The band was started by frontman Spencer Crispe who intended on creating a hardcore punk band that played fast, raw, hardcore punk that at the same time celebrated the greatness of skateboarding. Spencer was intent on bringing skateboarding and punk more closely together just as his favorite bands that he grew up on had done.

My Revenge has so far recorded one 12 inch lp, two 7 inches and has also recorded two full lengths for Thorp Records. They have toured the United States five times and done countless weekend and regional tours. My Revenge has been heralded as one of the hardest working, most committed bands in hardcore. Additionally, My Revenge holds the distinction of being the very first underground band from Vermont to tour overseas - including both Europe and Japan. The band has also toured in Mexico and rural parts of Canada such as Nova Scotia. My Revenge also has the reputation as being the most off-the-wall bizarre live bands anyone has ever seen. Their live show has to be seen to be believed. Their humorous onstage antics have set new standards for live bands performance and energy. Their drummer even moves around more than most bands' frontmen do.

This third full length represents a musical and lyrical epiphany for the band. Each member shared in the song writing process. Unlike many bands who have one or two songwriters, this album represents the creative ability and input of all four members more or less equally. Some members wrote entire songs, but nonetheless all four band mates contributed giving the record a sound and texture that is varied, eclectic and anything but dull. This record will keep your attention from start to finish as it races through elements of punk, hardcore and thrash metal. It's all the speed, intensity and urgency of their other records magnified to a new extreme.

Lyrically the album is an optimistic one. The lyrics have a positive overtone throughout and a constructive political message without being preachy or self righteous. The album title "Strength Through Nonviolence" reflects a common theme throughout the LP regarding introspection and evaluating some of the elements in our society to work together toward a more caring and enlightened world.

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