THORP RECORDS is proud to announce the signing of the south's NATCHEZ SHAKERS. The NATCHEZ SHAKERS hail from both Alabama and Tennessee and create a tapestry of punk-influenced Irish folk music with Appalachian undertones. The NATCHEZ SHAKERS features members of the Wednesdays and have harnessed their punk rock roots and joined it with their love of traditional music. THE NATCHEZ SHAKERS amaze and engage listeners with their soulful blend of punk rock, traditional Irish folk, and Americana. Their THORP debut record, "Shaker Hymns No.2" captures the bands energy, celebratory spirit, and deep musical roots in a riveting, heartfelt collection of songs. This record is brilliant and will surely appeal to fans of THE POGUES, JOHNNY CASH, DROPKICK MURPHYS, STIFF LITTLE FINGERS, and FLOGGING MOLLY.

Expect the Shakers to be touring like crazy over the next few years and winning converts over left and right to their musical doctrine of folk-laden Irish punk rock.