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QUALITY myspace link
They are still around but hardly play shows at all.
Neither do any other Toronto bands that mattere ...
8-25-2007 at 01:29 PM
by: ENDERA.x
I Love This T-Shirt.

The problem is thats not really going to happen, or at least, I don't see it happ ...
8-25-2007 at 01:23 PM
by: ENDERA.x
QUALITY myspace link

Check out IN TIME!
8-25-2007 at 02:18 AM
by: ENDERA.x
squiggly edge? go!
[quote][i]Originally posted by joemaconmovies[/i]
[quote][i]Originally posted by Jason the Magnific ...
8-25-2007 at 02:09 AM
by: ENDERA.x
Mickey's Ice
Ah dammit.

I thought this topic was going to be about Mickeys Crew!
"In It Fer The Drugs"

gre ...
8-25-2007 at 01:53 AM
by: ENDERA.x
did you see the movie CRASH?
i thought you meant the good movie Crash.
8-25-2007 at 01:49 AM
by: ENDERA.x
Spider Pig + The Attack of the Evil Rose Bush
Spider Pig
[url=] ...
8-23-2007 at 07:11 PM
by: ENDERA.x
Hard Response
1917 are a great label.
yeah try them, and, Bridge 9.

Also look into Rivalry Rec.
8-22-2007 at 05:08 PM
by: ENDERA.x
Hard Response
try Bridge 9?
8-21-2007 at 09:32 PM
by: ENDERA.x
Songs not to play loudly while in public
[quote][i]Originally posted by morgan[/i]
So Common, So Cheap is usually a pretty sure bet.

Coup ...
8-21-2007 at 02:30 PM
by: ENDERA.x
How much music do you have on your hard drive?
71.2 GB
28, 752 files
8-21-2007 at 12:31 PM
by: ENDERA.x
3 newer albums that im all about and you should be too
[b]Down To Nothing[/b] - The Most
[b]Hoods[/b] - Ghettoblaster
[b]Hard Response[/b] - Hostile Envi ...
8-20-2007 at 11:18 PM
by: ENDERA.x
New Car
i want a 64 impala
8-20-2007 at 08:57 PM
by: ENDERA.x
Please verify the fields and try again.

* Invalid invitation code or code already used.
8-19-2007 at 12:47 PM
by: ENDERA.x
FSU in Rolling Stone Magazine!
[quote][i]Originally posted by hardtone[/i]
Well said, I agree. I?ve known some old school DMS guys ...
8-19-2007 at 12:56 AM
by: ENDERA.x
Hard Response
Awesome band.
The new shit on the Myspace is really good.

From the HR blog:

New CD is out ...
8-18-2007 at 06:20 PM
by: ENDERA.x
Stupidest haircut ever?
wow lol
8-17-2007 at 08:23 PM
by: ENDERA.x
Hookers for Jesus
that broad, the news lady, kinda looks like that old bat from "Murder She Wrote"

8-17-2007 at 08:17 PM
by: ENDERA.x
pride kills and the thorp board
I just put PK on like 3 of my friends Ipods...

they all asked me to put shit they hadnt heard bef ...
8-16-2007 at 11:16 PM
by: ENDERA.x
my new bcards
I just woke up, but here goes...

It could be better. I've mostly been relying on Internet Sales a ...
8-11-2007 at 10:28 AM
by: ENDERA.x
Check this band out.
[quote][i]Originally posted by tireironsaint[/i]
I made it through about 20 seconds.

I'm impres ...
8-11-2007 at 10:21 AM
by: ENDERA.x
my new bcards
i like em :)
(these pics are a little blurry since they are so small compared to the print size but ...
8-10-2007 at 10:45 PM
by: ENDERA.x
8-10-2007 at 10:43 PM
by: ENDERA.x
Myspace Hardcore bible
oh i can think of many more that need to be added to it but im just lazy so i wont bother getting t ...
8-8-2007 at 02:04 AM
by: ENDERA.x
need some banners
8-7-2007 at 11:27 AM
by: ENDERA.x
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