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Well said Paulie. One of the best things I've done was hanging around here. Totally fucking anomaly, ...
12-22-2011 at 12:20 PM
by: newbreedbrian
This is England 88
You know who's really underrated on the series? Shawn's mom. Fucking brilliant actress.
12-21-2011 at 06:46 PM
by: newbreedbrian
This is England 88
Excellent, as expected. Great character development.
12-18-2011 at 02:26 PM
by: newbreedbrian
yo......Coffee heads
I don't see the appeal of those Keurig machines. I grind up a couple days worth of really good beans ...
12-9-2011 at 05:24 PM
by: newbreedbrian
new SOIA
[rquote=186408&tid=18647&author=clevohardcore]I came out 3 weeks ago. [/rquote]

Congratul ...
11-21-2011 at 09:05 PM
by: newbreedbrian
That's really sad.
11-18-2011 at 04:51 PM
by: newbreedbrian
Really??? AN tickets for 11,000??
[rquote=186248&tid=18678&author=sentrand][rquote=186243&tid=18678&author=Discipline] ...
11-15-2011 at 10:26 PM
by: newbreedbrian
Got laid off
That sucks man :thumbdown:
11-10-2011 at 07:23 AM
by: newbreedbrian
Got engaged last night.....
Congrats to both of you!
11-7-2011 at 07:21 AM
by: newbreedbrian
Beavis And Butthead
Watched it last night. Great stuff, as sharp as ever. People didn't get it originally and I expect w ...
10-30-2011 at 11:13 AM
by: newbreedbrian
Any of youz interested some record cases?
I use comic boxes for my 7"s, works perfectly
10-26-2011 at 06:32 AM
by: newbreedbrian
How Life is Today vs 15 Years Ago...
Hahaha, indeed.
10-21-2011 at 06:29 PM
by: newbreedbrian
It's Saturday what ya drinkin?
Enjoying a Peche Mortel at the moment, going for a homebrewed Rauchbier next.
10-16-2011 at 04:56 PM
by: newbreedbrian
Finally heard of an internet video I refuse to check out...
[rquote=184710&tid=18517&author=BDx13]ahhhhh... no.[/rquote]
9-19-2011 at 07:58 PM
by: newbreedbrian
I'm moving (take 2)
Party at Josh's take 2!
9-1-2011 at 04:17 PM
by: newbreedbrian
it's Brew Day!
I'd be into that :thumbup:
8-29-2011 at 06:16 AM
by: newbreedbrian
it's Brew Day!
Currently fermenting:

Flemish Red
Belgian Pale
Belgian Dubbel
Orval clone attempt

8-28-2011 at 04:53 PM
by: newbreedbrian
Wanted to share with my friends
Congrats Chief!
8-2-2011 at 05:23 AM
by: newbreedbrian
The Walking Dead: Season 2 Trailer
7-24-2011 at 09:26 AM
by: newbreedbrian
amy winehouse
Shitty. It was refreshing to hear someone who actually got it on the radio. Fame doesn't take away t ...
7-24-2011 at 09:24 AM
by: newbreedbrian
RIP, Jimmy Waters
Very sorry to hear that D. Hope your wife is ok.
7-8-2011 at 12:00 PM
by: newbreedbrian
Update: Baby Moral #2
Congrats Dave
7-2-2011 at 08:45 PM
by: newbreedbrian
I think I'm moving...
Awesome Josh, congrats!
6-25-2011 at 08:33 PM
by: newbreedbrian
Finally facing the facts...
Good for you man, that can't have been easy. I wish you the best of luck.
6-6-2011 at 09:09 PM
by: newbreedbrian
Job? CHECK, Marriage? CHECK, House? CHECK, ...
6-4-2011 at 03:07 PM
by: newbreedbrian
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