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2/27/05 @ CBGBs NYC - Pete SOIA Benefit Show!!!
Why the fuck don't I live in NY.
2-18-2005 at 07:19 PM
by: Big Ugly
Do you use the U2U personal messaging feature here?
[quote][i]Originally posted by GabeTexasGAMC[/i]
not as often as i should. [/quote]

2-18-2005 at 12:22 PM
by: Big Ugly
CB's can't fucking close. That place should be considered an historical landmark. Hell, if they st ...
2-18-2005 at 12:21 PM
by: Big Ugly
Very important petition... seriously no bullshit
[quote][i]Originally posted by Big Duane[/i]
i don't know which is worse... bandaids on cheeks, or ...
2-18-2005 at 12:17 PM
by: Big Ugly
What is the 1 band you hate
The Damned
2-17-2005 at 03:34 PM
by: Big Ugly
Random Quotation #1, Guess!
[quote][i]Originally posted by GabeTexasGAMC[/i]
hahah quotes?
"Hey Cinderella, find your self ano ...
2-17-2005 at 03:33 PM
by: Big Ugly
What's your drink of choice?
Diet Coke
Jack Daniels
Tullamore Dew

and I drink shitloads of water on a daily ...
2-17-2005 at 03:32 PM
by: Big Ugly
Do you have any band- or music-related tattoos?
Actually, I took one of the flash pieces from inside Sheer Terror's Love Songs... booklet and change ...
2-16-2005 at 10:19 PM
by: Big Ugly
[quote][i]Originally posted by Unbound[/i]
that hoodie is sweet. Too bad all of my credit careds ar ...
2-16-2005 at 11:55 AM
by: Big Ugly
Check this vid

The ultimate emo fans.
2-16-2005 at 11:53 AM
by: Big Ugly
Death Threat
Anybody know why these guys are breaking up? I haven't heard anything other then they are playing a ...
2-15-2005 at 09:43 PM
by: Big Ugly
How often do you look at the rest of
I check the main site first to check for any new shit then I come to the board.
2-14-2005 at 09:45 AM
by: Big Ugly
If ya could, would ya?
No way in hell I'd buy one of those.
2-14-2005 at 09:43 AM
by: Big Ugly
Hang overs and beer shits
We've all been there at one point or another.
2-13-2005 at 01:45 PM
by: Big Ugly
BRING IT ON MP3 - Fans of Sheer Terror/Raw Deal
Yo Dom. Come play Toronto man. It's beem a long time.
2-10-2005 at 01:46 PM
by: Big Ugly
punk clique scalping case in Idaho.
Glad I don't have a mohawk anymore.
2-10-2005 at 11:33 AM
by: Big Ugly
2 pairs of black 20 hole docs
1 pair Airwalks
1 pair of work boots
1 pair of Harley Davidson ridi ...
2-10-2005 at 11:22 AM
by: Big Ugly
The Thorp Board Exposed....SHOW YOURSELF!
[quote][i]Originally posted by RomanticViolence[/i]
[img] ...
2-9-2005 at 02:43 PM
by: Big Ugly
Soul Brains Unite With A Beastie Boy
Never been a fan myself. Always wondered though, why did they change their name to Soul Brains. Wh ...
2-9-2005 at 02:36 PM
by: Big Ugly
Attn: Collector Nerds RE: SLUMLORDS
Quebec City and Montreal? What about Toronto man?
2-8-2005 at 04:50 PM
by: Big Ugly
Stretch Arm Strong on Warner Brothers. What do you think?
I never really liked anything they put out. As for the major label thing, Sick Of It All never sold ...
2-8-2005 at 12:15 PM
by: Big Ugly
2-7-2005 at 11:28 AM
by: Big Ugly
What is Thorp's reputation?
Definately good. I remember around 96-99 I would've bought just about anything from Victory. Then ...
2-7-2005 at 10:45 AM
by: Big Ugly
Must be seen to be believed
I'm still trying to figure out if it's serious or a joke.
2-6-2005 at 10:46 AM
by: Big Ugly
Must be seen to be believed
2-5-2005 at 03:37 PM
by: Big Ugly
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