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BDx13 - 8-30-2004 at 02:52 AM

I know this is pretty much old news by now, but... did you go? What did you think? I had made all the arrangements to be there, but was unable to go at the last minute. Next year, next year...

Anyway, here are a few pics of Chris, Adam, Thorp, and Jerry Only at the Thorp Records table. Enjoy.

RomanticViolence - 8-30-2004 at 12:32 PM

What ever happend with that Danzig/Northside kings shirt? I still want one!!

LilOz - 9-1-2004 at 06:37 AM

I went, I had a great time. Merauder's set was one of the best. Bad Luck 13 RE was out of control. I forked over my money toAndy for some quality merch. I got one of the nsk shirts and I wore it the bar and some dude came up to me in the bar talking about the video online.

I will reiterate mor elater, I have to get to work.

Dave - 9-1-2004 at 01:08 PM

shit how tall is jerry only?

or is andy just short *ahem*:P

JUICE MAYNE MSHC - 9-1-2004 at 01:16 PM

Andy's just short. I went. Had a pretty good time. Would never go again though. Too many dorks and fat chicks. Way too many people. And WAY too many bad bands. Highlights were Life of Agony and AF, Merauder too.

xDTYMx - 9-4-2004 at 04:21 PM

where the fuck was blood for blood???????????

Six66Mike - 9-4-2004 at 05:56 PM

The good reviews on Merauder makes me hot knowing its only 2 weeks til they play in Toronto with Death Threat & Ringworm :D

And yeah, where the fuck can I get the NSK shirt!

billy(c&b) - 9-5-2004 at 11:42 AM

That NSk shirt is amazing. truly amazing.

xDTYMx - 9-6-2004 at 12:58 AM

every show ive gone to wearing it. people are asking me where to get one. i'm sure they'll have em when they go on tour.

BDx13 - 9-6-2004 at 01:59 AM

glad to hear people have been inyo th shirt. they were produced by the label and, so far, have only been available at hellfest. and quite unfortunately, nsk does not tour.

xDTYMx - 9-6-2004 at 09:43 AM

well i figured since they were playing some dates with madball that they would be doing something after. definitely glad i got one at hellfest then.