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This Blessing, This Curse Update 09.16

blessedxcursed - 9-17-2004 at 04:18 AM

All three of the new releases are out now and all orders have shipped. If you?ve been living under a rock (or just haven?t paid attention to us), the three releases we are talking about are the Pride Kills ?S/T? 7?, the Phantom Pains/American Werewolves split 7?, and the Phantom Pains ?In Bed With the Dead? CDEP. All three are available right now so send us money! You?ll get these fabulous records and we?ll both be happy kids.

We?re also waiting on the etched plate from super artist extraordinare Linas Garsys (1/2 of the awesome Malfunction Records) for the Draw Blood ?The Calm Before the Storm? 12?. As soon as we get that it?s off to press with a tentative date of Oct. 24th for the release. We found out the artwork for the CD doesn?t work for the LP, so the artwork will be exclusive for the LP, but in the same style as the CD artwork. Want to buy both versions? Head over to our new good friends at Trash Art! ( and buy the CD version. Buy the Forensics vinyl while you?re at it, you?ll thank us later.

And now *drum roll*? our new signings!

First off, we really haven?t kept this a secret, but now that it?s finally getting recorded, we can talk about it. We?d like to welcome (from the dead end streets of Boston) Ramallah to the This Blessing, This Curse family. For those not ?in-the-know?, this is ?White Trash? Rob Lind?s (Blood For Blood, Sinners and Saints) more aggressive side project. We will be releasing the vinyl version of ?Kill a Celebrity? (BLESSED09). The CD version of this will be released by Thorp Records and we?re very happy and grateful for Andy?s trust in us doing the vinyl for this highly anticipated release. As soon as we get mp3s of the record, we?ll put up a teaser for you. If you haven?t checked out Ramallah before, head over to the Bridge 9 Records site and download a song off their last EP, ??But a Whimper?. You should buy it too? and preorder the vinyl version? it?s that good. As a bonus (and just like their first EP), Jake Bannon (Converge, Dear Lover) will be lending his vocal chords to the record (and hopefully his artistic skills too).

Second (and we?re really excited about this), we?re welcoming from the Bay Area of California, Life Long Tragedy to This Blessing, This Curse. This young band (and seriously, they are young? the singer is 16) has been going strong for 3 years and now coming off a successful tour of the United States and an appearance at this year?s Sink With Cali fest, we will be releasing their debut full length CD ?Destined For Anything? (CURSED08) in November. Imagine the toughness of Terror, the melody and emotion of Modern Life is War, and the heart and soul of Bane? and you just start to scratch the surface of this amazing band. Artwork for the album will be done by (Modern Life is War, Champion) and we are very excited to see what they come up with. This will be the band to jock in 2005

Finally, we?re pleased to include This Incredible Machine from St. Louis, MO into the This Blessing, This Curse roster. A perfect blend of Converge-style chaos, Dillinger Escape Plan technicality, and Isis influenced ambience makes this band one to watch in the coming months. Their debut ?TBA? CDEP (CURSED010) will be out late 2004/early 2005 and we think they are another band that you?ll need to know about.

We?re also busy finishing up the band sections (as soon as we get bios from some of them), the discography section of the site for all the vinyl nerds, we?ll be including a store setup soon with some new things for you to buy (buttons, shirts, stickers, etc.), and of course, mp3s of all the bands for you to check out.

Also, we bit the bullet and we?re on MySpace now. Become our friend? and feel good about yourselves. The link is here:

We still don?t get enough demos? seriously? the P.O Box is empty? send demos, we love demos.

Payment info:
Pride Kills "S/T" 7" and Phantom Pains/American Werewolves split 7" are $5.00/6.00/7.00 PPD (USA/Canada/World)

Phantom Pains "In Bed With the Dead" CDEP is $8.00/$9.00/$10.00 PPD (USA/Canada/World)

paypal addy:
please add 50 cents to every $10.00 you spend for fees

blessedxcursed - 9-17-2004 at 02:09 PM

no, there's a snake/anchor design that he's doing on the B-side of the record.... the artwork for the cover isn't that either cause we can't blow it up without it getting all pixelated so it'll be different than that... that's the CD art...

moron - 9-17-2004 at 02:42 PM

the Pride Kills 7" is fucking great. I think I said this before, but Im excited about the Draw blood record.