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BDx13 - 7-4-2008 at 02:55 PM

we joined the y on sunday.
it's like $80/mo for the whole family and includes babysitting.
the last gym we belonged (like four years ago) to cost $80/pp and babysitting was extra.

the place is huge - indoor/outdoor pool, therapy pool, tennis courts, ball fields, SKATE PARK, massive gym, racquetball courts, exercise room, spinning room, dance studio, the works. best part is it never seems to be crowded. oh, and once a month, they have 'parents night out' - you take your kids in for three hours of babysitting and you can actually go out (not like the regular babysitting where you have to stay at the y).

it's only been a week - still trying to get it into my regular routine.
i went twice. my wife and the kids have been three times.
i was 289 the day we signed up.
we'll see what happens.

JawnDiablo - 7-8-2008 at 01:47 PM

skate park?
We just signed up fro the gym in our apartment development.
roughly $2.50 each a week.
has weights, treadmils, eliptical and other shizz.
plus it's right across the street.
i need to get way down from 225.
more like 190.

CR83 - 7-8-2008 at 04:53 PM

BD, the Y is an amazing community. Our daughter goes to school at the one near us. We used to belong but it wound up being just me using the gym memership. Tennis, Raquetball and Skate Park?! Holy shit that is awesome.

Yes, the parents night out is a cool thing too.

Now get your ass over there!

BDx13 - 7-8-2008 at 05:20 PM

haha, wife and kids are over there now.
i'm headed over first thing in the am.

DaveMoral - 7-28-2008 at 10:23 PM

I started using the weight machine and bench at my mother-in-law's place while we are here. That and her Schwinn stationary "bike" and the treadmill. Good stuff. I'm looking to lost 25 lbs... I need to get some hardcore working out going on. Weights, endurance/cardio and kung fu. Should work well if I can get my motivation up.

Plus, you guys'll think this is crazy, I'm planning on working regular 3 or more day juice fasts into my lifestyle. In other words, 3 days drinking nothing but juice and water. Detoxing the blood and tissues and such.

When we move out I'm going to find out what the cheapest gym is and go there. I'm weighing in around 195-200 right now.

BDx13 - 7-28-2008 at 10:44 PM

man, i would be so hungry.

i think the thing i like most about the y is the sense of community.
and as you know, that's not really something i look for, so i'm still a little standoffish about it.
but everyone is nice and sincere.
it's not like a gym at all.

as you walk up to the front door, they have one of those big magnetic signs where they post whatever news there is. then on the back (so you can see it as you come out) it says, "we'll see you tomorrow".

upyerbum - 7-29-2008 at 10:42 AM

The Y kicks ass, that's where I learned Judo and fencing as a young kid.