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FORWARD TO DEATH 1-sided 7" Out Now!!!

thrashxpatrol - 9-18-2004 at 09:28 AM


The FORWARD TO DEATH "look what we've done..." 1-sided 7" is out now !!! Only 500 copies have been pressed and it won't be repressed. It?s going fast, I've less than 200 copies left.
MP3 > Listen ? living disorder ? :


FORWARD TO DEATH 1-sided 7? + SUNPOWER ?total control? 7? + THIS IS OUR TIME comp CD

SUNPOWER ?total control? ep > review in Short, Fast + Loud zine (spring 2004): ? That is not the best name, I know... sounds like hippy cult stuff but these belgian kids play some really tight fast hardcore. Definitely rooted in early 80's US hardcore/punk, these 8 songs are done very well utilizing their sheer punk momentum to create quick and short memorable hardcore songs. I'm pretty impressed with these chaps, this is a good start for sure!! ?
MP3s : "resist" : & ?loneliness?:

V/A This Is Our Time cd > review in Flex Your Head Webzine : "It's not often that you'll find a compilation exciting enough to have it qualify as "Disc of the Week" here at Flex Your Head Online. Sure, there are some great comps out there, but more often than not, they're filled entirely with previously released material or recording session throwaways. Sadly, that doesn't rate at all on the exciting scale. The other end of the spectrum generally sees a compilation full of bands that really aren't ready to record, with the quality being highly reflective of that. Luckily, neither is the case with This Is Our Time.
Perhaps one of the most exciting things about This Is Our Time is the international-ness of the whole damn effort ? two bands from Portugal (Pointing Finger, Day of the Dead), one from Spain (Cinder), one from Argentina (Reconcile), one from Brazil (Odyssey), and the sole American contributor, On x Alert. Six bands, contributing three songs each, with a few of the highlights being Pointing Fingers' better than Better Than A Thousand's melodic straightedge hardcore blast, Reconcile's almost eerie musical similarities to Vancouver's Reserve 34, and On x Alert's raging fast Infest-inspired thrash.
International hardcore is alive and well ? and that's a damn good thing."
18 songs from 6 bands. MP3s:
Pointing Finger:
Day Of The Dead:
On x Alert:

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