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american shitiot

xDTYMx - 9-23-2004 at 09:41 AM

bah.. i work at tower records until 29 minutes from now when i quit and couldnt believe the crowd that came in for green day after all these years. i myself will always be a green day fan no matter how closet i have to be about it i mean ya cant turn ya back on what you grew up on... right? ...right? of course that doesnt apply to you metallica fans who need to let that shit GO!

but anyway i bought the album and almost veered my car off the road due to how incredibley dull it is.. i dont know what the fucking songs called but its like ARE WEE WEEE ARE..ARE WEEE WEE AREEEE THE MEH BLEH BLEH BLEH it sounded like enya for fuck sakes. after all this i hear about how green day put out a buncha shitty albums cause they didnt wanna be apart of there label anymore and this album was supposed to bring them back to there roots cause they can do there own thing.. well if this is there own thing REFUCKINGTIRE....if ya gonna have a 9 minute song make the song good.. i wouldnt take a 9 minute cigarette break if i had to listen to that song jesus. not to mention all the overproduced vocals.. i dont know if anyone listened to the album but i swear on more then one song i hear toby h2o doing some of the choruses and he's not listed which means they just took mike or billys vocals and produced the fuck out of it to sound that different... overall im very upset that green day made a cd this big of an embarrassment and chose to make the same mistake as metaliica and not knowing when to give up..

plus side = 2 or 3 bearable songs

negative side = the other 10 or eleven songs plus the use of bongo's and a fucking xlyephone on a song?

moron - 9-23-2004 at 12:30 PM

Dookie brings back memories of 10th grade. I listened to that album ALOT. Their followup to that didnt impress me so I havent bought an album of theirs since. I still break out Dookie maybe once a year and suprisingly I still know all of the words. It's such a catchy album.

clevohardcore - 10-14-2004 at 01:57 PM

I'm down with whaat you all are saying. I remeber seeing them with BAD RELIGION in 94 before dookie was released and they kicked ass in stage. I bought that 39 smooth something right after that show. I liked them because they seemed like an honest band not trying to represent anything they were not. I thinkn the same about them now. I haven't bought anything from them since dookie becasue I've heard all there shit on the radio and thought some of was alright. They write good pop music and they are good at it. I ogt to say that this image they have is tired now. It's no longer funny or ammusing it's now embarrasing. htey should be more inventive or stop doing it.

Not sure whats worse. A Greenday new album or some shitty pop punk band making another record about another breakup.

clevohardcore - 10-14-2004 at 01:59 PM

I heard they made something like 4 million a piece of dookie then mauch more money of the other newer releases. I guess thats what money does to you. I make you release the same thing over and over but make it more weak and overproduced.