Thorp and Sailor's Grave Board

Grrrrr...I'm missing all the good shows!!!!

Johnny_Whistle - 7-21-2010 at 12:40 PM

Dammit! Missed out on the Thorp showcase, AND the Business show in Providence, AND the GBH shows in Boston and Providence, and I'm prolly gonna have to pass on the big record release show at Club Hell on Friday AND the Avengers show in Providence next week!!!!! Why oh why can't all these bands come around when I'm not swamped with bullshit?!?

Oh well, at least I got tickets to Social D for next week. But dangit, I feel like the kid who's parents wouldn't let him watch SNL growing up, and then didn't understand all the jokes in school on Monday...

BDx13 - 7-21-2010 at 12:48 PM

damn, you must be mired in it!

Johnny_Whistle - 7-21-2010 at 02:34 PM

Some of it's finances, some of it's just bad timing. All of it equals suck.