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Checking off the Philly bucket list

random - 1-3-2014 at 09:38 PM

DiNic's roasted pork sandwich
Grindcore House coffee
Local Philly IPA (Newbold... not so great)

New Harmony vegan Chinese buffet on Sunday
Mütter Museum
Bluebird pizza


Johnny_Whistle - 1-4-2014 at 11:20 AM

The missus and I didn't make it to the Mutter Museum when we were there last Spring. But I did get a tattoo at Philadelphia Eddie's :)

BDx13 - 1-5-2014 at 06:01 PM

geoff gavin's new tattoo shop

random - 1-5-2014 at 09:34 PM

Quote: Originally posted by BDx13  
geoff gavin's new tattoo shop

where? is he no longer at body graphics?