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panzerkreuzer - 10-9-2014 at 05:45 AM

i just booked my flight to the slapshot show in london next month.
havenīt been in the city for about 20 years so i need hints what to do. iīm looking for record shops, flea markets, nice pubs and other nice tipps aside the mainstream spots.
where is maggie thatcher buried? how can i rob the rucktion storage?
let me know what you can tell.
donīt know if mattybar is still looking on the board, so i count on others :)

Jason the Magnificent - 10-9-2014 at 08:29 AM

Was just there a couple weeks back. One of the best parts was Highgate cemetary. Place was amazing. If you go, one side you can roam around in unguided for a couple pounds, the other side is a guided tour. Get the guided tour...that gets you access to both sides and the guided side is older and way worth it.

There was a really good pub just up the hill from it too called Angel Inn.

As far as flea market type stuff Camden Lock Market was a staggering array of shit I'd never buy mixed with Chinese take out and record stalls. Plus theres a nice Brewdog outlet down the block if you want beer over 5% alcohol.

Other than that my wife just dragged me around to touristy shit for 4 days.

There's probably more tips in the London post I made last year if you do a search.

BDx13 - 10-9-2014 at 09:25 PM

Goddamnit, I love that city. Thinking about a Christmas/New Year's 2015 trip.