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New Wisdom in Chains songs

barc0debaby - 5-7-2015 at 08:00 PM

WIC has released two songs off their upcoming album. One of my favorite bands, but I'm not feeling either of these songs.

Discipline - 5-21-2015 at 02:02 PM

Not their best but I still like them.

panzerkreuzer - 5-29-2015 at 01:28 PM

the complete stream. enjoy.

barc0debaby - 5-29-2015 at 04:05 PM

They definitely chose two of the weaker songs to release early, love the rest of the album.

SS76 - 6-17-2015 at 08:05 PM

Just checked it out; I really like 7 songs on the album.
People Die and Songs To My Killer