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any guesses on what Rob's BIG NEWS late xmas present is?

Murk - 12-25-2015 at 09:48 PM


Hello there fellow scamps, scalawags and scoundrels like myself,
I just wanted to check in and wish you all my sincerest wishes for some happy holidays. And if happy holidays are out your reach at present, then I at least hope your holidays are as agony-free as possible.
To all those of you out there trying to stay sober, I wish you all the best keeping the bottle out of your yap and the bag of powder out of your nose and/ or arm.
To all the straight edge folks out there in my flock, I strongly advise you all to stay that way... until death if possible (trust me, you ain't missing anything but a whole lotta Hell and you are quite right to reject it).
To all of the clinically depressed and truly traumatized out there, please keep your head out of the oven and your neck out of the noose. If there is one truth I have come to believe in, it is that as long as there is breath in your body there is SOME hope for better days (even if your entire life and all of your experiences to date argue otherwise). Don't let a commercialized, consumer-driven phenomenon (such as the modern holiday season has become) drive you into your grave. I've spent holidays in the psych ward, rehab, the bar, the dope spot and the basement checking the load-bearing capability of the overhead pipes... so I been there. You are not alone...
Lastly, I'll have some big news shortly. Allow me to reiterate: BIG FAHKIN' NEWS COMING. As always the annual festival of pain known as the holiday season gets me thinking about times past, mistakes made, and what might have been. Things like bands destroyed and lost albums never recorded, etc. So I decided to do something I've wanted to do for a long fucking time now. Consider it a late Christmas gift. Keep your eyes peeled here for more info cuz it's coming soon.
I think that's about it. The stereo in the other room is stuck on repeat and if I hear El Condor Pasa by Simon And Garfunkel one more time I'm gonna disregard my own advice and hang myself in the closet with my fucking belt.
All my best and none of the rest,

Six66Mike - 12-28-2015 at 08:46 AM

New Ramallah full length. Sinners & Saints full length + tour would be better though.

random - 12-29-2015 at 09:34 AM

Get the impression those Blood for Blood tracks that were recorded may finally see the light of day. If so, I wonder if he'll keep Buddha's vocals or re-record them.

Discipline - 12-29-2015 at 09:39 PM

An album from any of his bands would make me happy.

random - 12-29-2015 at 09:49 PM

They've been talking for months on Ramallah's facebook page about recordings that are recent but now already in the can.

Mark Lind already spilled a hopeful Sinners & Saints LP, but maybe it's the same thing.

You know what would be fucking amazing??? BFB reunion without Buddha as the special guest at the DKM arena concert in 2016.

Discipline - 1-3-2016 at 01:47 PM

If you mean DKM's St. Patricks Day shows, I don't think Blood for Blood would really fit the bill. Too many families with kids that go to those shows these days. Less nihilism, more fun. If anything, DKM should get the Pogues to play, but how do you follow the Pogues?

I've said it before. Considering his addiction issues, I don't care if Rob tours again. I'm perfectly happy to just get some new music from his various bands. I hope he does release the BFB stuff they recorded, because the band is so fucking good.

Monkey_Julius_BoWaffle - 2-3-2016 at 01:14 AM

I hope like HELL he's gonna release those Blood For Blood recordings. BTW, does anyone remember if that was going to be an EP or an actual full-length album? I can't remember now.

I just hope that Rob went back, re-recorded HIS vocals in place of Buddha's (I mean shit, the album likely had 50/50 his and Buddha's vox to begin with as has been pretty much the norm, starting with "Livin' In Exile" and especially "Outlaw Anthems" and "Serenity"), so, it wouldn't even take him a HUGE amount of work to do the above. Especially if like, one OA's? There were essentially TWO tracks that had Rob doing seemingly over 90% of the lead vocals himself ("White Trash Anthem" and "So Common, So Cheap").

I'd LOVE IT if that's what it indeed is. And then, right around the corner, we get this (the way they are describing it, "But A Whimper" v2.0), only this time, an entire FULL LENGTH worth! THAT would be fucking AMAZING after (nearly) a decade of crickets!

I'm just happy that Rob got his demons in check and has amassed this massive quantity of material. Anything, under any name that he releases? I will ALWAYS be a purchaser of.

random - 2-12-2016 at 05:15 PM

I said the same before, but I'll just say that I'm with the others... happy that Rob is in a good place. If he can stay there and still make music, I'll be first in line to pre-order. If not... his health is more important than the rest of us getting new music, and I think it's wonderful that he is healthy.

About the unreleased BFB recordings... my recollection is that they put together a 3-song EP.

Six66Mike - 2-13-2016 at 08:05 AM

New Ramallah is coming.

"Awesome Day in the Studio Recording Bass & Editing Drums for 2 New Ramallah Songs with Rob Lind."

Six66Mike - 3-28-2016 at 09:01 AM

Listening to this now.

barc0debaby - 4-9-2016 at 05:18 PM

Wish there was more music on that video

Six66Mike - 5-20-2016 at 09:53 PM

Not really digging this much