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Whats wrong with Christian Hardcore?

Full Nelson - 10-30-2004 at 11:30 AM

This is somewhat long and im sorry, but i just had to ask a few questions and get a few things that i wanted to say out as well...

I dont understand a couple of things. First off, why do people have such a big problem with Jesus Christ? And second why do people hate Christian hardcore music so much? Its basically hardcore with a message thats at least positive or has to do with God/Jesus Christ. If you dont like the message then dont listen to it. People believe different things and thats what makes the world different. Some people are straightedge, some arent. Some people are christians, and alot arent christians. Some people believe in God, and some don't. Some people are vegetarian or vegan or whatever the case is, and in all of that a band will put out a message that is meaningful to them or sing about something that they truly believe in and put it to music.

I personally am a strong believer in Jesus Christ. However i love going to hardcore shows and i go very often. Many of the bands i go and see arent christian bands, and as a matter of fact almost none of them are. I enjoy the music they play as a band but do not agree whatsoever with the message that these bands put out.

And most importantly, i have a very hard time understanding why people dislike or i guess i should say in most cases hate Jesus. Noone ever has a thing to say about Buddha or Mohammad, or Allah or whatever a religion believes in, but will have the worst things to say about Jesus. People say religions cause wars, and i agree absolutely 100% with that statement. I do not believe in Religion at all, period. I am a Christian and as a Christian i believe in Jesus Christ and thats all there is to it. Christianity is most of the time considered a religion but unlike every other religion in this world it is not based on any set of rules or laws that you HAVE to live by or in any way obligated to do. With Christianity you live a certain way because you want to, not because you have to. I dont have to live a certain way but i do because i want to please God in every way that i can. Noone ever says a thing about Islam however their religion is based strictly on evangelizing (sp) by the sword. All these beheadings done on TV and the world trade center towers and terrorists attacks done on america are done by muslims. I say this just to try and get the point across that you dont see Christians flying planes into buildings and killing thousands of people, or blowing themselves up in the name of Allah every day killing sometimes hundreds of people at a time. This is a common occurance over in the middle east, but once again all everyone does is hate Jesus, and make a joke of what he did for US. He died for you and he died for me on the cross, and he took OUR place. We are sinful people and we need forgiveness. He did this so we dont have to die, but can live with him forever. I know that alot of people dont agree with that but if you dont agree with what a word that i said, then thats fine. But why if someone does something for you do you spit it back in their face? That's exactly what you're doing...

If you dont like Christian hardcore, then dont listen to it. I dont see why a whole post should be put up and people talk trash about something that in my opinion is a good thing. For the most part its good music, and a good message that doesnt have every word being the "F" word. I know im going to be getting alot of crap saying this stuff but i just wanted to put out what i think on this issue.

GabeTexasGAMC - 10-30-2004 at 12:55 PM

you wasted all that time typing up something i not even going to bother reading. The only thing i've ever noticed wrong about X-HC is that a lot of the kids are lame as fuck.
Ive met a shit load of lame ass xtian hxc kids, and i think its crossed my mind to knuckle sammich a couple of them. Oh and Jesus is a cool dude, i call him Chewy. Chewys a cool dude, but people do some fucked up shit shielded under his name. And Xtian kids wont shut up about him, and that gets annoying. "if you died today would you go to heaven?" I could fucking punch the next dude who tells me that. Who gives a fuck, lets LIVE FOR TODAY!
Thats all.

Big Ugly - 10-30-2004 at 01:16 PM

I think Cradle Of Filth said it best on one of their shirts when they said "Jesus is A Cunt!" Nuff said.

Big Ugly - 10-30-2004 at 01:25 PM

I should also mention that I talk shit about all religions, not just yours. You folks aren't that special.

SAAAAARS - 10-30-2004 at 02:07 PM

this post isn't going to get you anywhere. you're not going to accomplish anything. some dudes bash religion, some are chill with it. roll with the punches.

this is coming from another christian.

Flipout - 10-30-2004 at 07:53 PM

Catholic Hardcore is where its at

tireironsaint - 10-31-2004 at 12:25 AM

Awright Nelson, first of all, you obviously haven't read through the posts about christianity in HC or you wouldn't have a hard time understanding this. There are several clear explanations on many of the reasons some people don't think your religion belongs in HC posted in the other threads that are already dedicated to this subject. By the way, thanks for wasting space by starting YET ANOTHER thread on the same religious topic. And YES, it is a religion, believe it or not. I can't believe you can even sit here and try to tell us that christianity is not a religion. It's well documented as the largest organized religion there is, so to have you try to claim otherwise reeks of bullshit. That whole part of your post is a crock of shit, not to say that the rest of it is legit, but that part sticks out like a six pound hemmoroid on a newborn baby's ass. Let's see, your point about not HAVING to follow the rules of christianity, what the fuck does that mean? Of course you do, otherwise you wouldn't be a christian anymore. Since you seem to be implying that there is more to it in other religions, what exactly do you think happens to people when they don't follow their religions rules? Do you think Jews are executed for not keeping kosher? What exactly are you implying? And Islam being "strictly about evangelizing by the sword", are you on George W's staff or what? That's a crock of shit and if you knew the first thing about it you wouldn't say stupid shit like that.

Oh, so most of the HC bands you like you completely disagree with their messages, huh? So do you ONLY like the message of christian bands? Do you not realize that the main point of HC is the message? I can't understand why you would want to go to a HC show if you completely disagree with what is being said. It's more than music, y'know? If you just wanna see a show and ignore the message, please go back to pop punk and boy bands, we don't need you here. That's also why many of us don't want christian bands infiltrating the scene, we don't want their message in there. Just like I wouldn't go see a white power band no matter what they sounded like, I wouldn't go see a christian band. I don't support the message either type has and certainly wouldn't want to fund their future endeavors.

As for the whole bit about "everyone hating Jesus", I think what you are picking up on is jokes and insults. Those of us who don't appreciate your RELIGION know that one of the quickest ways to get a rise out of your type is to make a joke about Jesus or say something offensive about him. I think if there were other religions invading our scene the way christianity is you would hear the same things about their deities. As a matter of fact, I've heard plenty of jokes about Krishna over the years and I think it's just as bad for HC as YOUR religion, so don't think your particular fairy tale is being singled out for more than it's fair share.

Full Nelson - 11-1-2004 at 02:03 AM

I read through the posts and understood what the people posting them were trying to say in that alot of people dont want Christian hardcore in the scene because they dont like the message the bands have. I understood that perfectly. It seems that everyone is saying that once a band says a thing about God or anything even slightly "religious" it doesnt belong in the hardcore scene. So...let me see if i understand this correctly. Every style of music that exists to this day can have any type of message that a band wants to put in their lyrics, whether it be about God or not...except hardcore? Who is to say what a band can or cannot write about? It's what they want to write and what is most important to them, or what has effected them the most in their life. A band that consists of every member being straightedge, will more then likely have at least a song or 2 about straightedge in their lyrics. Same with a band that happens to have christian band members. More than likely that band will have lyrics about God or Jesus or something considered "religious." Because that is something that is important to them. Why is that a bad thing, and why all of a sudden is that band not wanted in the hardcore scene because of their message? Like i said before, if you dont like the message or the band, or maybe even both, then DONT listen to it. Don't try and boycott the bands, and say they dont belong.

And when i was talking about Christianity not being a religion i wasnt being clear enough in that i wasnt meaning to say that it isnt a religion. It is obviously a religion, however in my opinion it is very very different from other religions in that it doesnt have a set of rules that you have to live by or are in any way obligated to do. There are so many people that say "im a christian" but live totally opposite of how a christian should live. Does that mean that person is no longer a christian? No...they can be a Christian and live nothing like a Christian because we as people are sinful and do sinful things. It's hard to live a certain way, because it's just human nature. So to say that that person is "no longer a christian anymore" if they dont "follow the rules of christianity" doesnt even make sense.

And when i was stating that with Islam they "evangelize by the sword" i was saying exactly that. It states even in their Koraan that they must first kill off ALL of the Saturday people and then the Sunday people. The Saturday people are the Jews because they have their sabbath day on Saturdays and obviously everyone who has their sabbath day on a sunday are the Christians. I was stating that just to show that people talk trash about Christianity, where Christians are just trying to state what they believe in, whether it be through music or through talking to other people about Christ. Muslims kill hundreds of people a day and kill themselves in the name of Allah but noone has a thing to say when it comes to Islam. Just constantly degrading and insulting Jesus and Christianity. And no i am not part of George Bush's Staff in any way whatsoever i actually do not like Bush at all.

When i said that i didnt agree with the messages that the bands are putting out, i wasnt implying that i didnt like every band's message thats out there. I like a majority of the messages these bands have, although they arent christian bands. It doesnt even matter if they are Christian or not. But some of the bands being that they arent christians (which pretty much a majority of them arent) will have messages that are anti God in some way so i dont like the message ya know. Thats all i was saying. I just dont understand why a band being Christian in any way has to be this big barrier to the rest of the hardcore bands out there. I think the bands should play together at the same shows and have no problem and their should be some unity in that sense. It seems to me that alot of people are coming from the viewpoint that there's hardcore music...and then there's Christian hardcore music, which is now considered something that isnt even the same thing because they happen to have different messages...

SAAAAARS - 11-1-2004 at 02:09 AM

this fight is never ending
and completely pointless

agree to disagree

GabeTexasGAMC - 11-1-2004 at 04:30 AM

Originally posted by Flipout
Catholic Hardcore is where its at

Full Nelson - 11-1-2004 at 10:59 AM

You couldnt be more right SAARs. It is pointless, so im done talking about it.

Big Ugly - 11-1-2004 at 12:38 PM

Good, cause we're getting bored pointing out how wrong religion is. But one final thought, you talk about the deaths associated with Islam, but what about the deaths linked to your religion. The Crusades, The Inquisition, the Witch Trials. Your people are far from innocent my friend. Much blood has been spilled in the name of your God. Your religion is just as guilty as Islam. It seems to me you are just another person twisting the words of the Koraan to suit your purpose, that sound a lot like what terrorists and other extremists do.

DAN SMASH - 11-2-2004 at 06:24 AM

the only religion i like is bad religion.
cool band. :)