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Beer..Stupid Cunts... bullshit

RomanticViolence - 10-31-2004 at 02:53 AM

isnt amazing how BULLSHIT starts at shows?. It all started with some stupid bitch who decided to stand next to the pit ... somebody kicked her and she started crying... and started a bunch of shit with my brother whos in one of the bands... her people got all fucking hyped over nothing and a huge ass fight started outside of the brother alomost got his throat cut by this stupid fuck. Good thing the rest of us were there.. ("Death to STUPID CUNTS!!!!)"

Big Ugly - 10-31-2004 at 03:03 AM

I second that motion.

BDx13 - 10-31-2004 at 03:12 AM

venue? bands?

RomanticViolence - 10-31-2004 at 03:22 AM

Club- CC22's
brutal affect
Futha Mucka

moron - 11-1-2004 at 12:54 PM

I saw some drunk chick flip out on some guy because she got hit. She started punching him and just acting stupid, so her boyfriend pulled her off of him. Then she got all pissed off at her boyfriend and started hitting HIM. He dragged her out of the club, but she came running back and tried to beat up that kid again. Finally they just left, but it was a pretty amazing sight.

I have no problem with chicks going to shows, but that girl definately should have stood by the bar for the whole night.

clevohardcore - 11-2-2004 at 01:23 AM

It always starts over some bitch. I'm not calling all women buitches but it's always some girl ttrying to make her man get into some shit. Some girls can't control there liquior, anger or whatever.