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"What's the deal here, fat boy?"

BDx13 - 1-2-2006 at 10:57 AM

A recent survey showed that hardcore kids, including a large number of Thorp Board members, have put on more weight than they would like as they got older. So, beginning January 1, 2006, we decided to try to do something about that...

This forum is dedicated to those among us attempting to loose a few pounds, pack on a little more muscle, or just generally get in to better shape.

You're welcome to participate, but please speak with your doctor before taking on any new diets or exercise programs. Clearly, Thorp Records and users of this message board are not responsible for anything that may occur in your attempt to regain your hardcore youth!

JawnDiablo - 1-2-2006 at 01:04 PM

this is all a positive move in my opinion.