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Don't a lot of you hate this Ann Coulter?

BDx13 - 1-27-2006 at 04:04 PM

Coulter Jokes About Poisoning Justice Stevens
Fri Jan 27, 12:00 PM ET

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - Conservative commentator Ann Coulter, speaking at a traditionally black college, joked that Justice John Paul Stevens should be poisoned.

Coulter had told the Philander Smith College audience Thursday that more conservative justices were needed on the Supreme Court to change the current law on abortion. Stevens is one of the court's most liberal members.

"We need somebody to put rat poisoning in Justice Stevens' creme brulee," Coulter said. "That's just a joke, for you in the media."

Coulter has made a career of writing and lecturing on her strongly conservative views.

At one point during her address, which was part of a lecture series, some audience members booed when she cut off two questioners. "I'm not going to be lectured to," Coulter told one man in a raised voice.

She drew more boos when she said the crack cocaine problem "has pretty much gone away."

moron - 1-27-2006 at 04:32 PM

That lady is a dumb fucking shit, but I think (hope) most of the stuff she says is just and act. Still... what a way to get people to agree with you! Piss them off!

newbreedbrian - 1-28-2006 at 01:15 PM

why the fuck hasn't anyone knocked that idiot out yet? dannyNSK you out there?

GabeTexasGAMC - 1-28-2006 at 02:21 PM

dude, this lady is hot though... for a skinny white piece of shit. She needs to be ass raped by a black man on cocaine, and then she can talk about her secret sleeping pill addiction on oprah!

Killthehumans - 1-29-2006 at 12:55 AM

like i said...we need to hire al franken to rape her..