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"Post Hardcore"

DaveMoral - 3-7-2006 at 11:16 PM

I fucking hate "post hardcore", I hate it.

I hate that these motherfuckers say "oh, post hardcore is what they called the music that people who grew out of straight edge hardcore started making." I find it incredibly insulting that not only is it implied that since I haven't "grown out" of hardcore that I'm somehow immature or not grown... but it is also implied that since I'm still straight edge I'm not grown. Especially when that shit is unthinkingly coming out of old friends who only just started getting into that bullshit scene and started making dumbass decisions and destroying their families.

I'll never grow out of hardcore, hardcore keeps me going everyday. I live for the drive to and from work so I can rock some hardcore punk or Oi. The people that listen to "post hardcore/emo" and identify with that whole shit at the expense of hardcore values are just people who have lost the will to fight.

Fuck all that!