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I can't even comprehend this

BDx13 - 9-3-2004 at 10:25 AM

mary - 9-3-2004 at 12:16 PM

i?m watching bbc for like 3 hours now...

tireironsaint - 9-3-2004 at 08:33 PM

Sick motherfuckers. How could you take 200 kids hostage? This is yet another example of why humanity is doomed.

tireironsaint - 9-4-2004 at 11:58 AM

And it got worse. Fuck.

BDx13 - 9-4-2004 at 03:19 PM

who kills 300+ women and children?

tireironsaint - 9-4-2004 at 03:56 PM

Here's a link to a breakdown of what's going on with the Chechens:
Some fucked up shit.

mary - 9-6-2004 at 08:36 AM

up to now, 353 people dead, and still about 200 missing
people in south russia are demonstrating and blame it on putin

sick sick world