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barc0debaby - 5-29-2006 at 06:42 PM

Some fuckin shithead keeps leaving bottles of liqour in the middle of street right by my house. I'm gonna have to sit out in my car one night and try to get the jump on them. Its always smirnoff red label...must be a 15 year old girl up to no good.

BDx13 - 5-29-2006 at 10:36 PM

shoot her with a paintball gun. she won't do it again.

barc0debaby - 5-29-2006 at 10:58 PM

Don't have a paintball gun, but I do have a crossbow!

XHonusWagnerX - 6-8-2006 at 04:55 PM

Originally posted by BD
shoot her.

RomanticViolence - 6-8-2006 at 11:46 PM

Set explosives. Blow the bitch apart!

Kid Ugly - 6-8-2006 at 11:53 PM

Leave a bear trap. Damned if she'll expect that.

Voodoobillyman - 6-9-2006 at 10:20 AM

watch out though, if it's a guy, your likely to be hit with a gay bashing hate crime type charge:P