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FORWARD TO DEATH 1-sided 7" Pre-Order

thrashxpatrol - 9-3-2004 at 04:04 PM


FORWARD TO DEATH ?look what we?ve done?? one-sided? 7? up for Pre-Order!

I got the 7?es and I?ll start making the packages this week-end, the pre-orders will be sent next week.
There?re some copies of the pre-order version left (less than 15), so hurry up if you want one!!!

This NJ band features Tear It Up (rip) & Survivors (rip) members. Blend early 80's hardcore punk like Black Flag with the heavier guitar sound and cleaner production of modern youth crew inspired bands. The 7" features 3 new songs (2 that will be re-recorded later for their lp on Perfect Victim recs and 1 that won't). It?s a one time press of 525 copies! Pre-orders will get 7??es with hand-numbered & stamped (with FTD logo) central label (limited to 100).

MP3 : listen ? living disorder ? >


You can order 2 different ways :

7?: 5 euros (Europe) - $ 6 (rest of the world)
All prices are postage paid (airmail).
Send well hidden cash (euros or US $) to:

Xavier Lepage
65 au long pr?
4053 Embourg

7?: 5.50 euros (Europe) - 6 euros (rest of the world)
Make sure to pay in EUROS. All prices are postage paid (airmail) & include the Paypal fees.
Send Paypal orders to:


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tireironsaint - 9-3-2004 at 07:51 PM

I liked what I heard from the mp3, but 6 bucks for a one sided seven inch seems a little high to me, limited or not.

BDx13 - 9-4-2004 at 03:27 PM

aahhh, come on! looks like these guys mosh in their socks!

tireironsaint - 9-4-2004 at 06:09 PM

Yeah, I was trying to be nice and not mention that. It just ain't right.