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Upcoming Names for Graves shows/news

ClevoNate - 9-5-2004 at 05:21 PM

First and foremost, Joey left and John switched from Guitar to Yelling his head off. That said we now have Sean our original second guitarist back with guitarist Jason. This is our fifth and hopefully last lineup change. We have tons of new shirts in three designs. You can see them under the pictures section of our myspace (yes, I know myspace is lame):

Our old demo is now also up for download in its full form:

We will be playing these places in the near future:
9/10 Brockton, Mass with Shere Khan, Stand Accused and Iron Boots at Roman's
9/11 Haverhill, Mass with Drug Test, Iron Boots, Tarpit and more tba at ...
9/12 Washington DC with Anger Battery, Iron Boots and Tarpit at the 666 haus.

10/7 Columbus tba @ high five club
10/8 Atlanta tba
10/9 Daytona FL with SamexMistake and more tba @ tba pending hurricane damage
10/10 Richmond, VA tba
10/11 tba

We also are currently looking for someone who would be interested in helping us do a 7" in early December/late November.

-Nate for Graves

Six66Mike - 9-5-2004 at 05:46 PM

Listening now, I'll be in touch soon about Mosh For Tots.

ClevoNate - 9-5-2004 at 06:32 PM