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Employees who just take and don't do their work

CR83 - 5-15-2007 at 03:04 PM

I run an office for my Company. I'm in St. Louis and they are in Dallas.

I own the relationship with our biggest client. We work on certain number of jobs and turn up candidates to interview. They pay us quite well and they are good people.

I have a recruiter who I just found out hasn't been working his assigned jobs. It takes 1 hour a day. That's it. He gets paid whether they hire someone or not. I found out today, he hasn't been working the job. He's gotten paid but has found some other projects "I'm more personally suited for".

YOU MOTHERFUCKER- why didn't you tell me this before?! Where's my fucking money I paid you? I want it back! Now I look like shit as does our company.

I should have managed it better I realize that but I assumed that he was an adult, he's getting paid and he is assigned to our top account would have been enough.

I'm fucking pissed! If we were in the same office there wold have been some serious HR issues today.