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CR83 - 12-12-2007 at 11:08 AM

I got this from Turbulence Training E-mail List I'm on. Enjoy!

#10 - TT in the Pool

Here's me giving some Pool Workout suggestions while on a trip to New Zealand...this was filmed in Auckland, while visiting an old buddy who works for Cirque du Soleil.

#9 - TT Hotel Room Workout

This one was done in a budget hotel room in Australia on the same trip, just before I went and walked 30 km around the beautiful city of Sydney.

#8 - Fat Loss Interval Training

Hopefully this video answers a lot of your questions about the right type of "cardio" for fat loss.

#7 - TT Bodyweight 500

This pair of videos will likely shoot to #1 in 2008, thanks to the promotion MensHealth has planned for this program.

But for now, be among the few insiders who have watched and tried the TT Bodyweight 500.

And then watch this bonus video of a TT user doing the 500

#6 - Bodyweight Circuit

A nice bodyweight circuit you can do at home in place of interval training to burn fat.

#5 - My favorite ab exercies

You can do these at home:

#4 - Bodyweight Butt Exercises

Yeah, a little different than normal, but this one is for the ladies I guess...

#3 - Pushup Variations

One of our earliest vids, as you might be able to tell...this one is almost a year old, but its a few pushups you might not have done before.

#2 - Back Exercises at Home

This is one of my most educational videos, since so many people train at home without access to a pullup bar or pulldown station, so you need all the ideas you can get for your back exercises.

And here they are:

CR83 - 12-14-2007 at 04:42 PM

Day 5: