20 BULLS EACH "War On You" A Glorious And Bloody Revolution
ABOVE THIS WORLD "No Justice" End of Days
ALL ELSE FAILED "Did You Think Of Me" In Times Of Desperation
ASHERS "End of the Rope" (demo) Kill Your Master
AWKWARD THOUGHT "Return The Compliment" Ruin A Good Time
BENUMB "Ageless Pain" Benumb / Premonitions Of War Split
BIONIC "Turn You Out" Deliverance
BLOOD FOR BLOOD "Live The Lie" Serenity
THE BOILS "It Won't Stop" World Poison
BRAIN FAILURE "That's What I Know" American Dreamer
BREAKDOWN "Bronx Bull" Battle Hymns For An Angry Planet
BULLDOG COURAGE "This City" From Heartache To Hatred
BURNING BRIDGES "Losing Season" Politics of Dead Friendships
CLENCHED FIST "More Than Your Share" Welcome To Memphis
COMMIN' CORRECT "False Claims" Commin' Correct / Skare Tactic Split
CONVICTION "Between The Lines" Kill It
CRASH AND BURN "Insomnia" The Value of Mistrust
DEAD SERIOUS "Backpack" It's What You Can't See
DELUGE "Heal Broken Words" Deluge / Fordirelifesake Split
DIEHARD YOUTH "9-11 Wake Up Call" Without The Kids We Would Be Dead
DISCIPLINE "Freedom" Downfall of the Working Man
DROWNINGMAN "White People Are Stupid" Don't Push Us When We're Hot
THE DUCKY BOYS "Boston, USA" Three Chords and the Truth
EDGEWISE "Nightmare" The Complete Discography
EMMANUEL.7 "Postcards" Machines In Routine
FALL RIVER "This Room's A Revolution" Lights Out
THE FINAL BURDEN "Processor" Processor
FINAL PLAN "Dimensions" Closed Casket Secrets
FORCED REALITY "Brass City Lords" Unheard, Unreleased...
FORDIRELIFESAKE "Into What We Call Stars, for Patient Imperfections" A Daydream Disaster
FOREVER IS FORGOTTEN "Dying Beautiful" The Architecture Is Still Burning
GONE WITHOUT TRACE "Eight-Four-Six" Gone Without Trace
HELL WITHIN "Condemning The Bloodline" (demo) God Grant Me Vengeance
HOW IT ENDS "11th & Arch" Beloved
I DEFY "Dear Sound" On The Outside
IRONBOUND N.Y.C. "Lies" With A Brick
KNUCKLEDUST "Exposed" Time Won't Heal This
MADBALL "Tight Rope" N.Y.H.C.
MAD SIN "Scarred Ole Heart" ...Sweet & Innocent? ...Loud & Dirty!
MY LUCK "Is Frozen" Closed Casket Secrets
MY REVENGE "Six Feet Of Earth Makes All Of Us Equal" Six Feet Of Earth Makes All Of Us Equal
MY TURN TO WIN "Song Titles" No Challenge
THE NATCHEZ SHAKERS "Gretel" Shaker Hymns
THE NEW BREED "The Smoking Gun" Off The Beaten Path
NORTH SIDE KINGS "The Bad Guy" Organizing Our Neighborhood
ON THE OUTSIDE "No Place To Call Home" Tragic Endings
OUT COLD "Euthanasia" Out Cold / Voorhees Split
OUT TO WIN "Beg For Life" Beg For Life
PAINT THE TOWN RED "Beauty In Despair" Home Is Where The Hate Is
POWERPOINTTM "What's The Point? Powerpoint!" Powerpoint
PREMONITIONS OF WAR "A Useless Language" Benumb / Premonitions Of War Split
PRIDE KILLS "This Is Texas" Deep In The Heart
PUNISHMENT "Or Die Trying" Broken But not Dead
RAMALLAH "If I Die Today" Kill A Celebrity
REACHING HAND "Threshold" Threshold E.P.
REFUSE RESIST "Middle America" Socialized
REFUSE RESIST "One Life" Socialized
RYKER'S "Forever and a Day" Life's A Gamble
SCARS OF TOMORROW "Design Your Fate" Design Your Fate
SHEER TERROR "Not Waving, Drowning" Beaten By The Fists Of God
SKARE TACTIC "Behind Cold Eyes" Commin' Correct / Skare Tactic Split
SLAPSHOT "Relight The Fire" Tear It Down
STAMPIN' GROUND "Officer Down" Carved From Empty Words
STRIKING DISTANCE "Cut Throat" March To Your Grave
SUGAR DADDIE "Drown Your Sorrows" American Rickshaw
TWO MINUTES HATE "Beg To Differ" Strong and On
VOORHEES "Crowd Of One" Out Cold / Voorhees Split
THE WEDNESDAYS "Total Nightmare" Invisible Youth
THE YOUNG & THE USELESS "This Hole..." The Young And The Useless E.P.